Photo by Joseph Demian 2008


Welcome to my site, where you will find a selection of writings. Ranging from an account of my involvement in the Hungarian Revolution as a young man, 18 years of age, a Freedom Fighter with a gun in my hand. As the Co-President of the Transylvanian World Federation, and as a Transylvanian World Federation Sydney Branch President (1981-2005), as personal colleagues we worked together front on the International Forums during several decades with Gróf Dr. Wass Albert Transylvanian World Federation Co-President US Branch, for the freedom of the Hungarians in Rumania - Transylvania. Finally my report on my designs for a 1956 Freedom Fighters Monument 2006 at Budapest, where the present left wing Hungarian Government representatives falsely eliminated my entry designs from the competition, because as a Freedom Fighter Sculptor, the concept of my design for the large Monument was glorifying the heroic stand of Hungarian nationalists in the Hungarian Revolution.

Dr. Alex Sándor Kolozsy C.D.V.A


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